Blue Star Eternia (UV LED) Water Purifier

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Provide the shield of complete safety to your family by bringing this Blue Star Eternia with Chrome UV LED Water Purifier to your home. Its cute and compact design makes it ideal for new home. This water purifier intoduces advanced UV technology that provides instant purification without any warm up time to give you pure and microbially safe water. When the UV intensity falls below the optimum level, it automatically shuts the system off. Moreover, the Water Purifier is designed uniquely to fit anywhere and ultimately save space wherever it is placed.



Bring home this water purifier and enjoy clean and bacteria-free drinking water for you and your family. With the UV-LED protection and copper-infused active carbon filter, this water purifier gets rid of odour, organic compounds and other dust particles and leave you with clean, fresh and safe drinking water.

UV-LED Protection

The LED lights produce UV rays that effectively disinfect, resulting in cost-effective and energy-efficient water purification.

Prompt Purification

This water purifier features a touch-based electronic dispensing system that lets the UV-LED lights instantly disinfect the water so that you don’t have to wait for filtered drinking water.

Filter Change Alert

Featuring a drop-shaped filter-change alert indicator that glows when it’s time for you to replace the filter cartridge.

UV Fail Alert

With this feature, you can get timely notifications in case of a UV lamp rupture.

Superfine Sediment Removal

A superfine sediment filter of 5 microns removes any sand, mud and dust present in the water.

Product Series Material Product Category
Eternia (UV LED) Eternia ET1BLAM01 UV




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