Blue Star Stella (RO+UV) Water Purifier

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Quench your thirst with hot or cold water with the Blue Star Stella RO + UV Water Purifier. Packed with many features such as Anti stagnant ripple technology, Taste Enhancer and Auto clean function, this water purifier ensures to provide you clear, fresh and pure water free from all kinds of impurity.


Make sure that you and your family are drinking safe water every day. This water purifier from Blue Star comes with features like taste enhancer, auto-clean function, and lots more. These features provide you with clean, fresh, and healthy drinking water free from impurities.

Easy Temperature Settings

Get hot or cold water depending on the ambient temperature. Hot water up to 85 deg C and cold water as low as 5 deg C are available. Apart from hot and cold, you can even get room temperature water at the touch of a button.

Super Fine Sediment Filter

This 5-micron filter ensures to remove even fine sand and other small particles.

Double Layered RO + UV Protection

Make your drink safe and pure with RO and UV protection. Small particles, ions and microorganisms are other dissolved impurities are removed by Reverse Osmosis (RO), while bacteria, cysts and viruses are eliminated using Ultra Violet (UV).

Ultra High TDS Removal

This feature removes up to 96 % of total dissolved solids (TDS), providing you with a pure drink every time.

Large Tank Capacity

This purifier supports an 8.2-litre tank which can be split into 4.6 litres of room temperature water, 3 litres of cold water and 0.6 litres of hot water.

Reduced Water Wastage

Conservation of water is achieved by water recovery of up to 33 %, ensuring that wastage of water is reduced to a bare minimum.

Auto Clean Function

Water not used for four days is automatically drained to ensure that you drink fresh and clear water on every sip.

Taste Enhancer

Experience a truly refreshing taste of pure water, thanks to this feature which eliminates smell, odour and other organic substances.

Anti Stagnant Ripple Technology

Avert formation of slime in the water tank by ensuring that the water does not remain stagnant.

Touch Sensors

Switch quickly between cold, hot and ambient temperature options with ease, thanks to the touch sensors.

Product Series Material Product Category
Stella (RO+UV) Stella ST4BSHC01 RO+UV & Above



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