Blue Star Prisma (RO+UV) Water Purifier

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Drink safe and healthy water every day with this RO + UV water purifier from Blue Star. While the RO filter helps to remove dissolved impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals and radioactive matter, the UV deactivates microorganisms such as cysts, bacteria, and viruses.

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With the number of water-borne diseases increasing at an alarming rate every year, it becomes necessary to have a water purifier at home. This water purifier from Blue Star boasts impressive features and ensures your family is consuming safe water. While the compact design is attractive to look at other features such as the double layered RO+UV protection and super fine sediment filter ensures safe water.
Double Layered RO + UV Protection

Ensure the water you consume is safe with the double layered RO + UV protection. While RO helps to remove dissolved impurities, microorganisms, heavy metals and radioactive matter, UV deactivates microorganisms such as cysts, bacteria and viruses.

Super Fine Sediment Filter

Put all your worries to rest as the sediment filter of 5 microns enables removal of even the finest of sand, mud, dust and other suspended particles.

Cute and Stylish Design

Featuring an elegant and stylish design, this water purifier will enhance the look of your kitchen.

Purification Capacity

The efficient and high-quality RO membrane offers a purification capacity of 250 litres per day.

4.2 Litres Compact Tank

Tight on space? This 4.2 litres tank is compact and ideal for a small family.

Anti-stagnant Ripple Technology

The patented Anti-stagnant Ripple technology prevents the formation of slime, ensuring that the water is not stagnant.

Water Recovery

Do your bit for the environment. This water purifier minimises water wastage and offers water recovery of up to 33 %.

Taste Enhancer

Enjoy odourless, fresh water, thanks to the taste enhancer that removes smell and volatile organic compounds.

Touch Sensors

Save time with the touch sensors that let you quickly select between cold, hot and ambient temperature conditions.


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Prisma (RO+UV) Prisma PR4BLAM01 RO+UV & Above
Prisma (RO+UV) Prisma PR4MAAM01 RO+UV & Above
Prisma (RO+UV) Prisma PR4WHAM01 RO+UV & Above




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