Blue Star MAGNUS (RO+UF) -25LPH Water Purifier

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New Blue Star MAGNUS (RO+UF) -50LPH Water Purifier, which will not only provide you with safe and healthy RO+UF with immuno boost technology purified drinking water, but will also help make the water tasty. This model has been manufactured with the best available materials and with stringent quality control measures undertaken during all the manufacturing processes. It has been tested under actual operating conditions to ensure you get years of satisfactory and trouble-free performance.



Included Components UV water purifier
Material Microfiber
Part Number MAGNUS
Purification Method None
Special Features UV
Warranty Description 1 Year manufacturer warrenty


Product Series Material Product Category
MAGNUS (RO+UF) -25LPH Magnus MA3WH2502 RO & RO+UF





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