Blue Star Eleanor (RO+UV) Water Purifier

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Blue Star, India’s leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company brings you Blue Star Eleanor (RO+UV) Water Purifier, an elegant and stylish water purifier that makes pure water taste good with its Aqua Taste Booster function. Having quenched the thirst of billions with its range of water coolers and dispensers for over seven decades, Blue Star now introduces a water purifier for your home that combines advanced technologies to give you water at its best.

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Packed with features such as a large 8 litres storage tank, filter change alert and tank-full indicator, Blue Star Eleanor (RO+UV) Water Purifier is the perfect symphony of elegance and purity.

  • DOUBLE LAYERED RO+ UV PROTECTION- to ensure that the water you drink is absolutely safe without any compromise. RO removes dissolved impurities, micro organism, heavy metals and radiactive matter, while UV deactivates micro organisms such as bacteria, custs and viruses.
  • AQUA TASTE BOOSTER (ATB)- uses calcite media which enhances the taste and helps maintain optimum pH level of water, thus enriching your expenience of drinking water.
  • FILTER CHANGE ALERT-which calculate the water that you dispense and inform you in advance when it is about time to replace the filter, enabling enough time to plan the change of the filters.
  • 6 STAGE PURIFICATION PROCESS- which comprises a pre sediment filter, pre carbon filter, sedement filter, RO membrane and post carbon filter with Aqua Taste Booster (ATB), UV lamp to ensure that the water you drink is safe and pure.
  • COPPER IMPREGNATED ACTIVATED CARBON- which not only removes smell, odour and volatile organic compounds from water but also has anti bacterial properties.
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Eleanor (RO+UV) Eleanor EL4GBAM01 RO+UV & Above
Eleanor (RO+UV) Eleanor EL4GWAM01 RO+UV & Above



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